BEAST OF ARGHANDAB: Kandahar Selections (10) Reg




Kandahar Afghani Selections

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BEAST OF ARGHANDAB: Kandahar Selections

(10) Regs


This plant had a Gigantic structure with healthy, bushy growth and produced countless flowering tops.

It was the true depiction of greater yields and high quality resin, when brought together.

Terpene Profile: Extremely complex aroma of Vanilla, Pomegranate, roses, burnt rubber and diesel.

These selections have been sourced from Arghandab District of the Kandahar Province in Southern Afghanistan. These selections were carefully picked out of the best performing cannabis plants of the region

At 31° N and 1010 metres above sea level, Kandahar is rich in natural resources and portrays a temperate climate condition which nurtures a weather of hot dry summers and a cold winter where soil does not freeze. The Heirloom Landraces of Kandahar are culminated by the Pashtun tribesmen who are the specialist of growing cannabis since their ancestral origin. Therefore, you will witness the most Unique and Exceptionally domesticated crops of Cannabis in this region with a very stern show of diversity of phenotypical expression and their profiles.

Phenotype Features: Crop Type A, Dominant BLD structure ● Extremely Productive ● High resin production ● Radiant colorations ● Resilience to cold ● Hand picked from the primary Cola for greater vitality ● Extended harvest period

In the Crop Type “A” we can see the plants reaching 6-8 ft in height, with a robust and bushy structure having inflorescence of multiple tops and greater resin production, also being postponed in the transition to flowering this crop puts on a great display of change in coloration of foliage and the flowers, ranging from light pink tint, purple and deep dark hues.

Phenotype Features: Crop Type B Features: ● Manageable height ● A well developed flowering structure ● Small to medium production with less plant tissue and more flower development ● Radiant coloration ● Early harvest

CROP TYPE “B” Plants with a short, compact, christmas tree like structure along with only primary stem variants could be seen carrying beautifully structured flowers which are tremendously coated with resin.

All Seeds are considered HEMP Seeds by law. Every seed tested contained less than 0.03% THC

Germination of hemp/cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries/ states. Seeds are for Souvenir purposes only. Hemp/Cannabis seeds are to be germinated in countries/ states where it legal to grow Hemp/Cannabis. Chai Life Genetics accepts no responsibility for any entity who does not comply with local, state and federal law.

We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.


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